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I originally trained in Person Centred Counselling in 1999 and alcohol counselling before moving onto Life Coaching in 2003, which is a more dynamic method for assisting others in their personal growth and change work. I cannot promise miracles, or instant solutions, but I can help you in creating a programme for change and in getting more in touch with your inner-landscape. Much of what I teach is highly effective if there is a meaningful engagement from the client. 

Life Coaching is a system for supporting you in finding your own answers and developing strategies for overcoming internal and external blocks, fears and limitations to achieving the sort of change you might be seeking. It is a dynamic process and involves an active participation from the client. Sessions usually last an hour and action for change begins immediately, with most clients averaging two or three sessions. Life coaching is a dynamic form of support and mentoring for those who desire to create change in their lives. It involves exploring changes in thinking patterns, beliefs and strategies for living & working. I trained with INLPTA in the UK as well as with Mental Combat. 

Shamanic Counselling
An approach to counselling that is both innovative and revealing. Shamanic counselling involves the use of shamanic healing techniques and shamanic visioning. I can undertake a shamanic journey on your behalf, or train you directly on how to access the hidden realms of knowledge and healing available to all. I trained with the Centro Studi Sciamanici in Italy, and other Shamanic Organisations. 

Meditation: Mindfulness. Mindfulness has been gaining increasing popularity as an antidote to stressful, modern life. Mindfulness involves changing the nature of our relationship with our personal subjective experience of ourselves and the world around us and is therefore very much in line with coaching and various aspects of NLP. It involves getting in touch with the raw elements that make up our day-to-day experience and finding greater presence in the moments of our lives. It is not a religious practice, although its primary techniques do come from Buddhism and Buddhist ideas and ethics can be included or left out depending on your inclination. I have practiced meditation for almost twenty years and have had wide-ranging experience with both Tibetan Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism, having engaged in multiple retreats with both. I am currently interested in a radical re-visioning of Western Buddhism, which I am beginning to explore slowly, but surely over at my other blog: .
I have taught stress relief meditation techniques for many years, but perhaps due to my own progress, have been asked to teach what I do myself, finding these last years, a greater ability to articulate what is hidden amongst the rubble of Buddhism’s waste after leaving traditional Buddhism behind. I have been exploring the teaching of non-traditional, pragmatic Buddhist meditation based on mindfulness and working with the body and direct experience for the last two year. This type of work is always integrated into the coaching dynamic and I do not teach meditation separately. I also do not teach traditional Buddhism. This approach is always an experiment in progress. 

Finally I run shamanic events in Trieste, Italy and over the border in Slovenia. If you are interested in knowing more about such activity, and wish to participate in group work, transformative ceremonies and ongoing events, email me.

If you wish to know more about this work, feel free to drop me a line. I work in person or over Skype.

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