Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Scientific studies demonstrate the physical changes of meditation

* Follow the link below by taking the red pill. There's no turning back...

(solo in inglese, mi dispiace) English only, sorry, from ABC mainstream American news channel on the results of studies on the physical changes that take place through meditation. Pay attention non believers this is non-sectarian meditation. No need for religious beliefs or spiritual aspirations. In fact, sorry to disappoint the atheists, but meditation in and of itself is a highly nonsectarian. Yes, training your mind to be calmer, balanced, open and receptive is not really a spiritual pursuit. It may mean letting go of your intellectual posturing and self-importance though. That's a good thing by the way, in case you were wondering.

The vid is a partial picture, but at least it shows how the transformative effects of meditation are not only subjective, but objective and verifiable through brain scans. In fact brain imaging illuminates the neuro basis of meditation benefits.

Another note for the skeptics. In the video you will see lots of people with their eyes closed with funny looking, mystical hand postures; this was no doubt part of the media's need to present meditation with pop culture symbolism. The hand postures are like Firefox Add-ons, not necessary. And personally, eyes open is much better and more geared with aligning meditation practice with nonsectarian practice. 

Go on, learn to meditate, you know it makes sense.

Here's the link:   ABC TV Meditation programme: benefits & neuro science


  1. G'mornin! Good post, thanks for sharing. For anyone wondering, link doesn't go direct - need to copy and paste in address bar.

  2. Hi 'Korin'
    I have updated the link, which should now open into a new window with the embedded video intact.
    Enjoy & thanks for the info.