Thursday, 9 May 2013

Post Traditional Buddhism goes Live

After realizing that times are a changing and that I seem to be the primary voice covering the topic of Post-Traditional Buddhism at present, I have decided to set up a dedicated website to cover this topic, so that the ideas related to this mode of engagement with contemporary Buddhism can be more easily found by those searching for alternative voices among the western Buddhist collage. My hope is that others will feel a desire to contribute to some of the sorts of deconstruction I am involved in that seeks to humanize Buddhism.

This blog will remain active, but hopefully, with time, will start to become an Italian home for Post-Traditional Buddhism; if I can find someone kind enough to help me translate the more worthwhile posts here. Although my Italian is pretty good, translating into it is beyond my capabilities, in fact, anyone who knows anything about translation will be aware of how challenging such  a task is, especially considering the nature of this blog. This process will undoubtedly be a slow one, and for now, posts will appear both here and over at my new website , so you will be able to access my writings in either location if you so wish.  

Come on over and see what you think.

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